Viser arkivet for stikkord merb

Rails + Merb = Rails 3

For de som ikke har fått det med seg enda slås Merb og Rails sammen til det som blir Rails 3.
Det blir staselige saker!

Sammenslåingen betyr bl.a følgende (klippet og limet fra

What does that mean exactly?

  • Rails will become more modular, starting with a rails-core, and including the ability to opt in or out of specific components. We will focus on reducing coupling across Rails, and making it possible to replace parts of Rails without disturbing other parts. This is exactly what Merb means when it touts “modularity”.
  • We will port all of our performance improvements into Rails. This includes architectural decisions that are big performance wins. This project will also include the creation of one or more benchmarking applications, so we can more clearly see what optimizations have real-world impact.
  • As of Rails 3, Rails will have a defined public API with a test suite for that API. This was one of the major differentiators of Merb. This will allow users and plugin developers to have a clearer, more stable API to build against. It should also significantly reduce plugin breakage from release to release.
  • Rails will be retrofitted to make it easy to start with a “core” version of Rails (like Merb’s current core generator), that starts with all modules out, and makes it easy to select just the parts that are important for your app. Of course, Rails will still ship with the “stack” version as the default (just as Merb does since 1.0), but the goal is to make it easy to do with Rails what people do with Merb today.
  • Rails will be modified to more easily support DataMapper or Sequel as first-class ORMs. While ActiveRecord will ship as the default ORM, the plan is to make it drop-dead easy to drop in other ORMs without feature degradation (to the extent possible, of course).
  • Rails will continue their recent embrace of Rack, which is a really exciting development in the Ruby community that Merb got in on early and which we believe will improve the state of modular, sharable logic between applications.
    In general, we will take a look at features in Merb that are not in Rails (the most obvious example is the more robust router) and find a way to bring them into Rails.

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God jul!

FStat launch - opsjoner, merb og R

Venner og venninner

FStat har etter 3 måneder på lab’en i kveld gått live.

Er du interessert i finans?
FStat er en regnemaskin for det norske opsjonsmarkedet.

Er du interessert i statistikk?
FStat bruker tung-halede fordelinger som f.eks. Normal-Invers Gauss og plenty av Monte Carlo simuleringer

Er du interessert i teknologi?
FStat kombinerer R (styrt av Ruby) for statistisk analyse og Merb for web. Alt kjøres i PostgreSQL.

Om noen er nyskjerrig på en eller flere av disse momentene deler jeg gjerne erfaringer.

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