Viser arkivet for stikkord maglev

MagLev, en ny Ruby-VM

Evan Phoenix fra Rubinius snakker om Maglev, en ny Ruby-VM utviklet av folk fra Gemstone, en av de eldste objektdatabase/applikasjonsserver-leverandørene, og Dabble DB:

For those of you that haven’t yet heard of maglev, it’s a brand new Ruby VM being developed by the folks over at Gemstone. Gemstone is the makers of probably the most advanced object-oriented database used today, and have traditionally been a Smalltalk shop till recently. With the tide rising on Ruby, I’m happy to see another player enter the field. This only means that Ruby is continuing to mature and see that the community is healthy. … The other reason that I’m excited about maglev is that they’re taking a very similar approach to the problem of building a Ruby environment. Like Rubinius, the VM is minimal and most of the kernel is implemented in Ruby.

Dette intervjuet med InfoQ avdekker en del tekniske detaljer:

There are around 8 people who are working on MagLev at least part time. … Our goals are similar to those of the Rubinius project: to have all of the methods in the standard library implemented in Ruby, apart from a few performance-sensitive primitives. The VM is written in C.

Kanskje mest interessant, og unikt, er Smalltalk-vinklingen:

InfoQ: Will Ruby code be able to persist the process to an image a la Smalltalk?
In short, yes. For example, the GLASS product currently lets you save processes that have encountered errors to the repository, and pull them later into a local VM for debugging. There’s no reason we couldn’t do the same thing for Ruby.

InfoQ: Any chance of getting Ruby code on MagLev to interact with Smalltalk code or objects?
The MagLev VM is, in addition to understanding Ruby, perfectly capable of understanding Smalltalk. I’d say the chances of being able to do this are pretty high, but we’d want to see if it is desirable functionality that would be useful to the community before going too far down that road.

Den kommende presentasjonen på RailsConf i Oregon burde være av interesse.