Viser arkivet for stikkord event

Rails Girls event Oslo – call for coaches


I finally committed to a deadline: I’d like to run a Rails Girls event in Oslo on 7/8 August 2015. If you haven’t heard about the movement yet, or in case you forgot about it again, has all the details, and more.

But the event would be nothing without coaches, obviously. This is where you come in. What’s a coach to do, you ask? Well, explain things, mainly. The event is targeted at complete newbies to anything programming, so you don’t have to be super-experienced in all things Rails (or Ruby, for that matter). You do have to be able to patiently explain stuff to people who know very very little about how all the little pieces of an app fit together, and who are eager to learn. This guide has some more information on what it takes to coach.

Lastly, we’ll need sponsors. Attendees and coaches want to be fed, and some goodies such as stickers, t-shirts, and the likes would be lovely. If your company is interested, just comment here, I’ll get in touch.

[EDIT BECAUSE I AM STUPID]: For those not members on (and everyone else), get in touch with me at alexandra [at] iterate [dot] no, or hit me up on twitter.

This should be good fun!