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Caravan activity to Nordic Ruby?

Hey everyone, forgive the English but I don’t currently have time to craft this message på norsk. Anyhow, at RubyConf last year Marius, Rune and I discussed the possibility of travelling as a group to NordicRuby (June 16-18). I have a car that seats seven people, or we could take a train. We could make it a fun trip, perhaps decide on some kind of project we want to work on during our journey, and generally just geek out. That would mean we would leave on the 15th to give us time to get there. What do you guys think?

RubyFoo, London

Last year RubyFools toured in Copenhagen and Oslo and this year it’s going to hit the big city of London under the name RubyFoo.

The concept is simple – two days worth of thought provoking conference with a driving theme..
This year our theme will be Communicative Programming where we will ask questions such as “when, why and how can I make Ruby talk my language?”.

The conference covers two days, one for presentations from leading experts within the Ruby community and another for collaborative hacking giving you a chance to hang out with Ruby geeks, experts, and curious newcomers in a casual and laid back atmosphere. So come, listen, learn, contribute and share the RubyFoo.