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Startup SISSIO - Looking for back end CTO or CTO's (Chief Technology Office)

Are you looking for a startup project that has everything to succeed? Or are you looking for a project to test your skills of what you are study?Maybe you have a boring job? Or maybe you are looking for a project to put on your CV? Or you just want to get rich ;)

Where is the project now?
-Phase 1 funding from Innovation Norway has been approved.
-Business plan, validated by consultant company Price Water Cooperhouse (PWC).
-Market survey, validated by consultant company Ramboll Management.
-The project has access to B2B users/potential B2B customers.
-The project has access to investors

Which experience is needed for the CTO (Chief Technology officer) or CTO’s?
We are looking for one person or more, with experience in:
-Self hosted ecommerce, Magento Community or greater
-PHP (Strong skills)
-SQL (Database)
-Script (Skills on Shell, Perl or Python)
-Server administration (either Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud)
-You should be comfortable on using the “A Lean Startup” methodology.

If this sounds interesting and you want to know what the project is, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards
Ørjan Jensen Holvik
+47 481 18 792