Bidraget er publisert med ropert og har blitt hentet fram på Oslo og Livet langs elva (onsdag 12. september 2012). Les mer om roperten…

Starting ruby and tdd with the string calculator kata

Torsdag 11. oktober 2012 kl. 18.00, Bouvet ASA

Another FREE meetup, this time with a guest speaker Roy Osherove!

In this session we will introduce the basics of ruby and tdd to people new to Ruby. more info at

Bring your own laptops:

  • prepare machine with ruby and rails install based on (for linux see )
  • I will be using rubymine for demos. they need to install jetbrains rubymine (in trial mode if needed) on windows or mac or linux (need java)

We will pair up those who don’t have this, but I hope that as many as possible will meet prepared.

All skill levels! Ruby nuby? No problem, join us at this special meetup with guest speaker Roy Osherove. Roy is probably more known in the .Net communities, but as a software craftsman he masters more languages. Roy also does courses in TDD and in team leadership. Bring a friend to the meetup and remember to RSVP so that we know how many comes. See you there!

Thanks to Bouvet for hosting us and sponsoring food and beverages. Only awesome companies does that!

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Dessverre har jeg en samling på jobben denne kvelden. Kos dere!

Is the TDD thing a workshop that lasts the whole evening? I have a 30 minute presentation on refactoring if we need more content.

Update: The event description just got updated, but no notifications got sent out. So: incase you’re watching… there’s some prep-work to do to get your laptop all set up.

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