Hello Oslo rubyists!

I am a ruby/rails developer from Lithuania, just arived in Oslo. I am planning to stay around for a while and I wanted to meet the ruby community of Oslo. This seems like THE place to go. Since my Norwegian language skill is around 0 (and I am guided by google translate), I can’t understand much of what is going on in this zone, but I can see that you organize ocasional meetups. Do you have any plans for meetups/workshops/coding-sessions in the next week?

If you are interested in ruby/rails/tech/geeky we should meet up for a coffee sometime, just ping me via this origo messaging system or in comments,

Titas Norkūnas

P.S: If you have plans to go to Lithuania (Vilnius) and want to meet some ruby people there, get in touch. We organize almost-monthly ruby workshops with live coding and pizza/beers after that.

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